Life Saver

It’s never easy to be in a financial crisis. Protect yourself and your family and be certain with your future.

With MB Life’s Life Saver policy, you will only have to pay for 5 years and be covered for 10 years. It is a comprehensive insurance program that provides various protections, and benefits such as: 

  1. Increasing life protection
  2. Compensation of lost income in case of hospital confinement
  3. Cash benefit in case of accident and disability
  4. Return of premium

Be life confident, go ahead with MB Life’s Life Saver.

Life Defense Fund (LDF)

With today’s increasing costs it would be good to have a benefit that also increases. With the Life Defense Fund feature, your benefit increases every year for 10 years. Benefit starts at Php 75,000 and increases up to a maximum of Php 275,000 per unit. This shall be given in the event of death of the insured.

Terminal Illness Benefit (TI)

Upon receipt and approval of due proof that the insured has been diagnosed to be terminally ill before reaching age sixty-five (65), the company shall pay to such insured the amount of insurance. The proceeds of this benefit may be used for further treatment of the insured.

Total and Permanent Disability Benefit (TPD)

Don’t let disability affect your family income. Upon receipt and approval of due proof that the Insured has become totally and permanently disabled before reaching age sixty-five (65), the company shall pay to such insured the amount of Insurance.

Health Protector (HP)

The Health Protector feature is a 5 in 1 benefit package that provides Hospital Daily Income Benefit, Intensive Care Unit Benefit, Major Surgical Benefit , Emergency Room Benefit , Ambulance Conduction Benefit, wherein:

  • The Hospital Daily Income Benefit provides compensation for lost income in case the insured is confined in a hospital.
  • The Intensive Care Unit Benefit gives an additional cash benefit in case the insured is confined in an intensive care unit.
  • The Major Surgical Benefit gives up to Php 5,000 when the insured undergoes major surgery
  • The Emergency Room Benefit provides financial assistance to the insured and his family by providing up to Php 5,000 in case the insured is rushed to the Emergency Room due to a covered accident.
  • Should the insured encounter a covered accident and requires ambulance services, the Ambulance Conduction benefit provides Php 500 cash benefit per ambulance conduct.
Return of Premium (ROP)

In case the insured will outlive his Life Saver policy and without having had any total and permanent disability or terminal illness claim, he will receive his Return of Premium at the end of the 10th year, making the insurance virtually free!

Accidental Death and Disablement Benefit (AD&D)

In case of death or disablement due to a covered accident, the benefit shall be paid to the insured or his designated beneficiary/ies.

Payor’s Death and Disability Benefit


You may insure your children (below 18 years old) and if something happens to the payor, all the remaining premiums falling due under the policy after the date of death, terminal illness or total and permanent disability of the payor shall be waived. This ensures the continuity of your child’s policy.

Bonus Feature:

All MB Life Policy owners may avail of the FREE concierge service from EVEREST memorial service.


  • Eligibility age of 1 – 64 years old
  • Choose amongst the different convenient modes of payment: annual, semi-annual, and quarterly.
  • Grace period of 31 calendar days.
  • Reinstatement period – 3 years