Group Life & Health Insurance

Group Life Insurance

Manila Bankers Life’s comprehensive group insurance packages ensure that all of your insured employees (and their families) will be accounted for, by giving them only the finest life and medical services, as well as the option to customizing these packages to best suit their needs.


Group Yearly Renewable Term

Manila Bankers Life's Group Yearly Renewable Term (GYRT) package does its best to protect your employees against death and disability. Furthermore, in the event of death, Manila Bankers Life will pay the amount of insurance of an insured employee/member to his legal beneficiaries, ensuring that your employees will always have peace of mind, no matter what.


Group Hospitalization Benefits

With Manila Bankers Life’s  Group Hospitalization Benefits (GHB) – a yearly renewable group and customizable insurance product – employers will be able to address and adhere to all of their employees’ medical needs, while keeping costs to a minimum.


Managed Care Program

The  Managed Care Program (MCP) is an enhanced group hospitalization program that is tailor-fit for a corporate client’s medical insurance needs. This ensures lower out-of-pocket expenses for employees. Under this program, more specific modalities are accordingly priced.