Enjoy more, worry less with Manila Bankers Travel Insurance!

Create priceless memories and have peace of mind while overseas, whether you are travelling for work or leisure. Choose from several of our Travel Insurance plan options for travel via land, air and sea. We have four (4) Travel plans to suit your budget and requirementss

Accidental Death or Loss of Life

Death Benefit of as much as P1.5M depending on the plan chosen. Includes death due to Unprovoked Murder and Assault

Permanent Disability, Dismemberment and Loss of Sight

In case of Permanent Disability, Dismemberment and Loss of Sight, the company will give provide funds to assist with recovery and rehabilitation.

Medical Expenses

Hospital, surgical or diagnostic, and related medical expenses while abroad can drain your savings. Should you be injured or fall ill while travelling overseas, the company will reimburse you with as much as P2.5M for medical expenses.

Accident Burial Benefit

To assist with burial expenses, the company will pay in addition to the death benefit, a burial benefit of as much as P25,000.

Daily In-Hospital Confinement Benefit

Should you be hospitalized, the company will provide a daily income of anywhere from P500 to P2,500 per day, maximum of 15 days, starting with the 1st day of confinement.

Delayed Flight Departure or Flight Cancellation

If your flight is delayed for more than 12 hours, or cancelled, the company will reimburse the cost of your meals or refreshments during the delay to smooth over the inconvenience of waiting and unexpected food expense.

Missed Connections

If your connecting flight is delayed and no alternative transportation is available within 12 hours of the expected arrival of the connecting flight, the company will cover the cost of hotel accommodation and meals.

Luggage Delay

If your luggage is not delivered to you within 12 hours of your arrival at your destination airport, the company will reimburse you for the emergency purchase of essential clothing for your comfort.

Luggage Loss

If your luggage is not delivered to you within 48 hours of your arrival at the destination of your flight, the company will cover your expenses incurred within 4 days of arrival for the emergency purchase of essential clothing and toiletries.

Loss of Travel Documents

Should you lose your travel documents, the company will reimburse you for the cost of replacement.

Trip Cancellation/Curtailment

Should death, bodily injury or illness befall you or your spouse and/or your children, resulting to the cancellation or curtailment of your trip, the company will pay you or your beneficiary the non-refundable deposits and advance payments associated with your trip.


Covers expenses to treat injuries as a result of Hijacking or Skyjacking.

Repatriation Expense

The company will shoulder the cost of the return of mortal remains of the deceased insured to the place of burial.

Medical Evacuation

Covers costs of evacuating the insured to a suitable medical facility should this not be available at insured’s location


Immediate assistance from Everest Memorial to cover Preservation, Viewing, Interment and other arrangements in case of accidental death using proceeds from the Accidental Death Benefit


You can avail of a discount on the premium if you have an in-force Manila Bankers life policy!

For Terms and Conditions, please refer to the Policy.

We cover /provide

  • • Land, air and sea travel
  • • Asia and Worldwide
  • • Annual and Short Term Plans
  • • 4 plans available to suit your requirements and budget

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