Individual Insurance

MB Life offers insurance products that are tailor-fit for the individual. These products provide financial protection, life and accident insurance and reimbursement in case of income loss due to hospitalization – among others. The products are affordable and effective, ensuring that you get and feel the value of what you paid for.


Below is the list of our Individual Insurance products:

  • Life Shield
  • Money Saver
  • MPower
  • MB Life Plan

Life Shield

Just as its name reads, MB Life’s LIFE SHIELD insurance program is a literal life saver, as it...

Money Saver

MB Life’s Money Saver assists you in safeguarding your future, by doing what its name says – and...


MB Life’s MPOWER comprehensive insurance program packs quite a punch.

MB Life Plan

The MB LIFE PLAN provides both a memorial and a family fund. This effectively hits two birds with...