MB Life Plan

Thinking ahead prepares you for the inevitable, because your family’s financial security is a priority and not an option.

The MB Life plan provides a lifetime coverage that guarantees you an honorable and respectable memorial service.

It provides a return of premium and other cash benefits that will help the family cope with the loss of a loved one.

With the MB Life Plan, you will be remembered forever.


Memorial Fund (MF)

This feature provides cash benefit which will be used to pay for the memorial service of the insured. 50% of the death benefit will be allocated for this. Benefit starts at Php 100,000 and increments of Php 100,000.

Family Fund (FF)


The remaining 50% of the death benefit will be given to the beneficiary/ies to address their financial needs.

Fund Enhancer Rider (FER)


Increase your Family Fund by availing of this optional rider. This will give an additional 5% increase to the Family Fund every year for 20 years starting on the 11th year.

Waiver of Premium due to Total and Permanent Disability (WPD)

If the insured becomes totally and permanently disabled, the remaining balance will be waived.

Return of Premium (ROP)

If the insured is alive on the 30th policy anniversary, he will receive his Return of Premium. The policy will still continue until the insured passes away, guaranteeing the availability of his memorial fund.

Accidental Death Benefit (ADB)

In case of death due to a covered accident, the benefit shall be paid to his designated beneficiary/ies.


Payor’s Death and Disability Benefit


You may insure your children (below 18 years old) and if something happens to the payor, all the remaining premiums falling due under the policy after the date of death, terminal illness or total and permanent disability of the payor shall be waived. This ensures the continuity of your child’s policy.

Bonus Feature:

The memorial service will be administered by Everest Memorial Services. The 1st 24/7 Concierge Service in the Philippines.


  1. Eligibility age of 1 – 64 years old
  2. Choose amongst the different convenient modes of payment: annual, semi-annual, and quarterly.
  3. Grace period of 31 calendar days.
  4. Reinstatement period – 3 years
  5. The beneficiary is advised to immediately call Manila Bankers Life’s claims department through this hotline: 8810-1072 local 311, upon policy owner’s death for proper coordination with Everest Memorial Service.